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Friday, March 27, 2009

Do You have the 13 Vital Traits for Success?

I’ve got a question for you...now be honest!

Are you truly where you want to be in life?

(Who is, right?)

Well, today I have a treat for you...a freebie (for now)!

My amazing friend (and Success Guru...she founded and runs Success IQ University) Stephanie Frank is launching a new program and I convinced her to let my readers preview it for FREE!!! The program, “The 13 Vital Traits of Super Effective People”, will help you understand the blueprint you need to get where you want to be in business and in life.

Anyone feeling a little bit lost these days?

I have seen many of Stephanie's programs and she is top notch...and funny...and part of my Girlfriend Network (remember yesterday's post!!!)

I don’t know how long she’ll be offering this program for my people for free, so take 5 minutes now, click the link above and claim your 13 Vital Traits of Super Effective People audio training program today.

Here’s to your success!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Howto Define a Girlfriend OR The Networking Sisterhood

This poem was forwarded to me from my youngest sister Kate (a recreation superintendent in Ocean City Maryland) with no author to credit. It really struck me as a perfect take on the power of the networking sisterhood. We need to tap into the women we know to help our careers, businesses, families and personal growth! We don't have to be alone. Men have gotten the "good ole boys" network for ages...it is about time we tapped into our "sisters".

These are my sisters and mother, I am the oldest of the four of us girls ...Kate is on the left and is the youngest (by 9 years...but who is counting!), Julie is next, then Mom, Me (check out my "on vacation" curly hair!) and Sheila.


When I was little, I used to believe in the concept of one best
friend. And then I started to become a woman.
And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up, you
will be shown the best in many friends.

One friend is needed when you're going through things with your
partner and another when it's your boss!
Another friend is needed when you're going through things with your parents.
Another will sit beside you in the bleachers as you delight in your children and their activities.
Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be.

One friend will say, "Let's cry together,'"
another, "Let's fight together,"
"Let's walk away together,"
another..."Let's Do It!"

One friend will meet your spiritual need,
another your shoe fetish,
another your love for movies,
another will be with you in your season of confusion,
another will be your clarifier,
another the wind beneathyour wings.

But whatever their assignment in your life,
on whatever the occasion,
on whatever the day,
or wherever you need them to meet you with their gym shoes on and hair pulled back,
to hold you back from making a complete fool of yourself in front of your boss...
...those are your best friends.

It may all be wrapped up in one woman,
but for many, it's wrapped up in several......
one from 6th grade,
one from high school,
some from the college years
a couple from old jobs.

On some days she's your mother.
On some days she's your neighbor.
On others she's your sisters or cousins.
And on some days she's even your daughters.

Whoever these women are for you...they are your critical network! In these tough times we need our networks more than ever!

So to my Sisters...a big Love Ya Girls!!! And Thank You for always being there for me!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Back!!! And My New Book is Almost Done!

Hello Everyone,

It has been quite a while since I have blogged...My Bad!

I have had my head down working on my next book (on how to avoid being misunderstood!). The working title is I Didn't Mean THAT! Solving the Communication Puzzle at Work but my publisher may have a different idea on the title! I am glad to be back and will be giving you some sneak previews of the book chapters excerpts in the next few weeks.

As we all try to figure out who we are and where our place is in these very "different" economic times, I am glad to be back in service to you!

It is more important than ever to display a little Workplace Wisdom!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I don't know about you, but I can practically taste roast turkey and all the fixins' already! My boys...my young men will be home from college soon, and I'm looking forward to having the family together again for the holiday. And I can definitely use a few days off from work, too, with the hectic pace I've been keeping lately.

But taking some much needed R&R means I have a LOT of work to do this week, and the only way I'll be able to accomplish it is if I have a serious plan of attack, a strategy so I don't go completely crazy and still have enough time to get all of my food preparation ready.

I stumbled across a great article on productivity that I thought might help all of us stay organized at work during the holiday frenzy:

"Plan It: How to Make the Most of Your Workweek" by Clea Badion, Robert Half International on Yahoo! HotJobs.com.

In this article, Ms. Badion offers an interesting take on how to break up your workweek and stay on schedule so you can accomplish all of your goals.

"Make a plan on Monday"

I don't know about you, but on Mondays, my mind is still stuck on weekend mode and it's difficult to concentrate on the works tasks at hand. The article recommends using Mondays to "set the stage for the rest of your week." Strategize and create a schedule, write your lists and plan out the rest of the week.

"Time to get movin' on Tuesday"

The weekend is now firmly behind you, and it's time to start tackling those lists and following the plan you made on Monday. The article advises: "Try to arrange your time so you have few interruptions or meetings; changing gears frequently hurts your productivity. Along the same lines, try to cluster projects that require similar resources for even more efficiency." This is a serious workday!

"Reassess your week on Wednesday"

The strategy you came up with on Monday isn't set in stone. To ensure that you're accomplishing everything you need to, you must re-evaluate your plan and make adjustments to stay on track. "The middle of the week provides an opportunity for you to figure out where you're at and what still needs to be done." And since most of us are not working in a vacuum, this is the time to incorporate new projects and tasks handed to us.

"Think about a break on Thursday"

We're a push-push-push society when it comes to work. Overtime, shortened lunches, zero breaks during the day are the norm for most of us. But according to this article, we should "use Thursday as a day to reward yourself for your hard work throughout the week and to prepare for the final pre-weekend push." Excellent advice! Taking the time to re-energize and re-focus our minds results in far more productivity than pushing ourselves to work harder and longer.

"Be flexible on Friday"

Even the most productive people aren't always able to finish every aspect of every project during the first four days of the week, so Friday becomes the day to tie up all of those loose ends. it's also a great time to get yourself ready for the next workweek, and as the article says, "Making sure things are neat and in order when you come into the office on Monday will help you make your weekend less stressful and ensure you don't return to a chaotic mess."

You can read the full text of the article

Here's hoping these tips will help you reach your work goals and allow you to relax this holiday weekend!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Take a Risk with Your Career!

Taking a risk with your career may seem counter-intuitive amid our economic crisis, but according to this article I found on Yahoo! HotJobs, I think it could be a fantastic idea!

"4 Career Risks Worth Trying" by Denene Brox features four "calculated" risks that could mean a brighter future for your career.

"RISK: Going Back to School"

I know this can be a huge investment in time and money, but with all of the online programs now available to us - where we can pay less for a quality education, and come and go as we please from the comfort of home or even the office - it can be an excellent stepping stone to success. As the article states: "...determine if going back to school helps you achieve this goal [a raise or changing career paths] by talking to your boss and mentors." In my business, I've always encouraged my employees to never stop the learning process, and like my company, many organizations will even foot the bill (or at least part of it) if it will add to your value and the value you bring to work.

"RISK: Changing Careers"

I've said this time and time again: do what you love! And the article agrees: "With increased company layoffs, no one is immune to losing a job. Finding work that you love should be a priority in your career." This decision is a biggie, so make sure you carefully examine the pros and cons of a career move, and dig down deep to figure out what you really want to do. Is it something you're GOOD AT as well as enjoy? Consider this carefully because as many of us know, just because we love doing something, that doesn't necessarily mean we're skilled at it (see: "American Idol" contestants during the try-out weeks!)

"RISK: Saying 'No' to Added Responsibility"

At first you might think, "Are you crazy?! Saying 'no' at work?! That's the surest way to a pink slip!" In some cases, you may be right, but the article makes a great point: "If your boss is saddling you with more responsibility with a project or promotion, be sure you understand exactly what that will mean for your success. Not all promotions are created equal, and you can quickly become the office doormat if you constantly take on projects that may not have high enough visibility to move your career forward." I'd like to add a note to this and say, if you do turn down a project, make sure it's for the RIGHT reasons. Too many of us turn down opportunities to advance our careers because of fear - fear of failure, fear of putting our ideas out there, etc. - and that's definitely NOT the right reason. When offered more responsibility, think about it carefully and honestly before accepting or refusing.

"RISK: Starting a Business"

As an entrepreneur, I know firsthand the trials and tribulations (and satisfaction and rewards) of starting a business. It takes total commitment, a willingness to sacrifice, and a LOT of hard work. If you're not ready to say "yes" to all of that - and more - starting a business probably isn't right for you. But if you're ready to dive into the world of entrepreneurship, my best advice is the same as the article's: "Do your research (including health care options), save money, and build contacts in your industry while you're still working in your current job."

Check out the full text of the article here, and thanks to Denene Brox and Yahoo! HotJobs for posting such helpful advice. I recommend that you carefully digest this food for thought if you're stuck in a rut at your current job, if you're ready to take on a new challenge, or if you're wondering where to go next in your career.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Job Satisfaction: Where Can I Find It?

With the economy still in its current slump, ask someone to define "job satisfaction" and I guarantee you that most of them will say: "Having a job. Period."

There is definitely some truth to that, I admit. But I am still a firm believer in doing what you love for a living and finding happiness and satisfaction in your job - no matter what the stock market says. After all, we spend most of our waking lives at work...don't we deserve to enjoy it just a little?

So if you're currently in a job that makes you happy (at least for a good portion of the time), then I congratulate you. Stick with it and thrive!

But if you're waking up every day wishing you could call in sick and then grudgingly trudging off to work, maybe it's time to start taking a peek into the job market.

Now, I'm in no way advocating that you should chuck your current job and set off into the world, searching for your next career. That would be madness during ANY economic time, but especially this one. Rather, I'm suggesting that while you continue to work at your current job, start thinking about what kind of work would satisfy you.

What kind of experience do you have? (And can you translate that experience into another field or industry? You'd be surprised to find out how universal some of your experience can be.)

What kind of skills do you have? What are you truly great at, and do you love doing it? (This is so important! You might be great at, say, accounting practices, but you might not really like crunching numbers all day. On the flipside, you might love being a salesperson, but fail to close a lot of deals. Both of these situations need to be taken into account so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your checkbook.)

What do you like about your current job? (Be thorough in your evaluation and get to the root of what you like. On the surface, it may seem that you like answering phones, but really, it's the contact with the clients that you like.)

What don't you like about your current job? (Again, dig deep to the root of the matter. You might think you hate dealing with expense reports, but really, it's the fact that you have to hunt them down from your co-workers that drives you crazy.)

If you could be anything you wanted, what would it be? (I know this seems like a "kid's" question, but I love it. It's been the starting point of many a successful career!)

Remember: don't just answer these questions from a "work" standpoint. Answer them from your personal life as well. How can you parlay your fascination or skill with a hobby into a great career (and subsequent satisfaction)?

I came across an article that can get you started on where to find job satisfaction:

Where Do America's Happiest People Work? by Kristina Cowan, PayScale.com

In this article, Ms. Cowan cites a study by the University of Chicago called "Job Satisfaction in the United States." She writes: "The study says the occupations where people report being happy overall, not just in terms of job satisfaction, involve helping others, technical and scientific expertise, or creativity."

That's some food for thought to keep in the back of your mind when you begin to evaluate new career opportunities!

Ms. Cowan goes on to list the top occupations (as found by the study), and they include:

"1. Clergy
2. Firefighters
3. Transportation, ticket, and reservation agents such as travel agents
4. Architects
5. Special education teachers
6. Actors and directors
7. Science technicians
8. Miscellaneous mechanical and repairing occupations
9. Industrial engineers
10. Airline pilots and navigators"

Go ahead and read the article here. It might be just the catalyst you need to find your own source of job satisfaction!

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Friday, October 31, 2008

New Business Speak: "Manage Up"

As I was perusing The Wall Street Journal website, I came across an interesting article that introduced me to a new "business speak" term: "manage up."

Elizabeth Garone writes in her article "What It Means to 'Manage Up'" that "when someone tells you that you need to 'manage up,' what he or she is really saying is that you need to stretch yourself. You need to go above and beyond the tasks assigned to you so that you can enhance your manager's work, says Rosanne Badowski, co-author of 'Managing Up: How to Forge an Effective Relationship With Those Above You.'"

Amen. As I've told countless clients again and again: if you want to succeed and advance your career, you've got to put yourself in the spotlight and prove your value by driving your career, choosing high exposure projects, and communicating with your boss, as Ms. Garone points out in the article.

Communication above all else is the key. Do you know your boss's communication style? If not, find out! You may be more comfortable talking about the big picture, but he or she may prefer bullet points of facts and figures...and if you can't present your ideas in that manner, it's likely that they're falling on deaf ears.

The article goes on to list other ways to "manage up" - there's a lot of great info so I suggest you give it a read-through. I want you to ride out our economy's current crisis on a wave of success!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Realism...Or Negative Thinking?

I was having a coaching session with a client on the phone the other day while I was at home trying to recuperate from two whirlwind weeks in California attending the WITI Women and Technology Summit and meeting with clients and colleagues. She's a new employee trying to establish herself as a vital part of her new team, but she's having trouble dealing with one of her teammates.

"Every new idea that gets brought to the table is shot down by her," my client said. "We're facing some issues that demand solutions. We've had several meetings and are no closer to resolving anything. It's so frustrating!"

That's a tough one. We've all known our fair share of "Debbie Downer" types; they always something negative to say, always want to poke holes in our ideas, always playing "devil's advocate."

But are they being pessimists...or realists?

I found a great article on this subject on The Wall Street Journal website:

Tips on Finding Your Way Out of Negative Thinking at Work by Kayleen Schaefer

In this article, Ms. Schaefer likens these people to the office Eeyore :) and she give some great tips on how to alter your way of thinking without sacrificing your personality or completely refraining from offering a differing opinion.

After all, sometimes it's the devil's advocate or the hole-poker who keeps us from making major missteps at work. It's important to balance being positive with challenging your team and your company to strive for greatness and profitability.

Read the entire article here.

I've already forwarded this article to my client, and hopefully, she'll do the same to her co-worker!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Retirement Woes and Common Mistakes

Hey, gang!

I'm coming at you all the way from California today! I've been here since last Monday meeting with clients, catching up with colleagues like Dr. Helen (in Santa Rosa), and presenting at this year's Women and Technology Summit, hosted by WITI (Women in Technology International) at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara. I'm joining another colleague of mine, Ardice Farrow - founder and publisher of Wake Up Women - in two sessions at this conference: "Storytelling - A Powerful Leadership Tool" and "Developing the Natural Leader in YOU!" It's been so exciting and fascinating...I'll be sure to post about it when I return home to Connecticut.

In the meantime, I was doing my usual survey of today's news and was disheartened to see this headline in the Yahoo! Business section:

"Retirement Accounts Have Lost $2 Trillion"

"Ouch" doesn't even BEGIN to cover it.

By the time we reach retirement age or the point in our lives when we're ready to leave our professional careers and focus on doing all the things we never had time for, we rely on our retirement funds to finance us. We've worked hard, darn it, and we deserve to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor, to travel, to relax, to buy a boat...to follow our dreams! But so many people contemplating retirement today aren't going to be able to do that because they simply don't have the funds to leave the workforce.

While there's very little we can do to control economical circumstances, there are mistakes that we can avoid making, to help ensure that our nest egg is healthy and ready to be cracked open when we retire.

I found this fantastic article on AllBusiness.com:

"Top 10 Retirement Planning Mistakes"

Here are the highlights of the list:
Top 10 Retirement Planning Mistakes

1. "Not taking advantage of time."
2. "Not investing regularly."
3. "Not taking full advantage of tax-free retirement accounts."
4. "Poor asset allocation."
5. "Not creating a post-retirement plan."
6. "Forgetting about your 401(k)."
7. "Cashing out or borrowing heavily against your 401(k)."
8. "Failing to consider tax and inflation."
9. "Relying too heavily on Social Security."
10. "Relying too heavily on your company's stock."

I would strongly recommend that you go to the article directly and read through it carefully as well as do your own research on the dos and don'ts of planning for retirement. Your ability to retire might just depend on it!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Personal Finance - Important Now More Than Ever...

The economy, the economy, the economy...

Aside from the Presidential race, it's the hottest topic in the country right now, and with all of its uncertainty and instability, it's also become a source of fear for our society.

I came across this fantastic article from CNNMoney.com:

"10 Solutions to a Personal Credit Crisis"

It has some sound advice for those of us who've reached for our credit cards one time too many. This info is especially crucial advice for entrepreneurs who may have relied on their personal credit to start and grow their businesses during those first few shaky years.

Here are the tip highlights of the article, written by Jessica Dickler, CNNMoney.com staff writer:

"1. Look at the big picture."
"2. Pay important bills first."
"3. Call your creditors."
"4. Transfer balances."
"5. Quit the cards."
"6. Prioritize paying down debt."
"7. Bulk up your payments."
"8. Check your credit report for mistakes."
"9. Get help."
"10. Start saving."

Read the full article here.

Here's hoping you can ride out this economic crisis and emerge with your finances in tact and thriving.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

6 Simple Steps to Get What You Want

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to always get exactly what they want? All they seem to have to do is snap their fingers and *poof* they've got the job they want, the home they want, the car they want, that gorgeous pair of shoes they want, even the soulmate they want. It's maddening, isn't it? Especially since most of us are floundering around, feeling inadequate, always wishing for things that never seem to materialize. And then we get resentful and even jealous. That's no way to go through life!

So today, I'm going to share with you the 6 secrets to getting what you want, no matter what it is! (And it's a heck of a lot simpler than you think!)

For more FREE tips on advancing your career and navigating the workplace, sign up for my FREE e-zine "Lipstick Leadership" at LipstickLeadership.com today! And check out the products I've developed to guide you toward the success you deserve!

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Healthy Women Make Strong Leaders

Hey gang!

Are YOU Ready to Unlease the Healthier, Sexier You?

Imagine having an unlimited amount of energy to nurture your health, an endless desire to make your health a priority, the effortless discipline to act in accordance with your priorities, and such a tremendous willpower that you no longer give into temptation. Imagine how much more successful, accomplished, fit and fulfilled you would be!

At last, someone has discovered the secret to achieving and maintaining your health goals and dreams easily and effortlessly so you can avoid premature aging and chronic diseases such as: heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and obesity, and enjoy a much longer, healthier and happier life!

That individual is my friend and preventative medicine expert, Dr. Karen Lee Paquette. She is a physical therapist, naturopathic physician, and professor turned author and wellness coach. Her inspirational message is to let you know that you no longer have to struggle to integrate the principles of healthy living into your life. You can easily achieve the health and appearance goals you so desperately want, and more importantly, deserve.

In her new book "Stop Being Stopped: The Go Doctor's Guide to Unleashing the Healthier, Sexier You", Dr. Karen teaches you to identify and overcome what's stopping you from reaching your dreams, and she reveals the 4 keys to looking, feeling, and BEING your very best - today and always.

With passion as the driving force and nothing in your way, it's EASY to maintain an ideal weight, eliminate fatigue, and love the life you live!

Sharing an intimate account of her own personal struggles and triumphs, Dr. Paquette in "Stop Being Stopped" will inspire you to live with vigor, follow your vision, and take control of your destiny. Let nothing stand in your way!

I'm proud to announce that I've teamed up with Dr. Karen and a dozen of her friends (including my Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Helen Thomas) and colleagues on the international launch of her book. We are excited to collectively make you such a special offer.

Okay, so here's the deal:

We'll give you over $500 worth of bonus gifts FREE when you purchase a copy of this amazing book by following these 2 simple steps right now!

1. Click here to open a new window to Amazon to order your book now! (Keep this window open and return to enter your Amazon order number upon completion at Amazon.com)

2. After you place your order, just enter your name, email, and your Amazon Order Number in the form here. We'll ask you to confirm your e-mail and then we'll send you access to all the bonuses.

Here's what we have to say about Dr. Karen and "Stop Being Stopped"...

Click here to watch my video testimonial!

- Michelle Yozzo Drake, CEO - The Cove Group, Inc., and Author of "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership"

My Gift: A downloadable audio "30 Action Steps to Jumpstart Your Career" - value: $79

"Dr. Karen has provided us all with a clear path to health AND most importantly has given us the means and mechanics to remove all of our obstacles on that path."

- Dr. Helen Thomas, Ayurvedic Specialist

My Gifts: "Guide to Effortless Ayurvedic Living" guide - value: $37; "Ayurvedic Beauty Type" online course - value: $47

"Wow - Dr. Karen has provided a simple, easy-to-follow guide to creating greater health and well-being. She gives the reader great tools, exercises, and easy-to-follow recommendations. I suggest you stop whatever you're doing (just for a moment) and get this book so you can begin to feel healthier, look better and become the sexier, unstoppable YOU that you deserve to be. I know I did!! Thanks again, Karen."

- Susan Guiher, MS CCC - Author, Speaker and Professional Coach

My Gift: "Jump Off the Balance Bandwagon" free tele-class - value: $49

"The GO Doctor offers a road map to well-being while giving us the green light to start the journey!"

- Kristen Marie Schuerlein, Founder of Affirmagy

My Gift: 20% discount off of Affirmagy blankets - value: limitless

"Karen's book entitled "Stop Being Stopped" gives us a step-by-step plan, elevating self-care, self-kindness and self-fairness so that we can't ignore our responsibilities to our bodies and our spirits. She urges us to protect our position of empowerment by choosing to act instead of react. Her personal victories over life challenges are exemplary, and I'm motivated to begin anew, reactiving my personal willpower."

- Debra L. Morrison, Founder of Debra L. Morrison Speaks, LLC

My Gifts: "7 Biggest Risks Women Investors Face" e-course - value: $79; "Compounding Wealth by Capitalizing on Boomer Gender Differences" e-course - value: $29

"Dr. Karen knows what gets in the way of living healthy, vibrant, happier lives, and she shares her expertise and those insights in this book. This is literally a road map to better health, filled with best practices regarding how to make positive choices and assessments for determining where we are and where we want to head. Open this book and step off the side-lines and onto the express lane to becoming a healthier, sexier you!"

- Corrie Woods, Author of "The Woman's Field Guide to Exceptional Living"

My Gift: "The Woman's Field Guide to Exceptional Living" e-book - value: $10

"My first 'ah ha' from 'Stop Being Stopped' came quickly on page three of Dr. Karen's enlightening book where she reports that '87% of women claim that their quest for health and wellness motivates their life decisions more than anything else' yet '70% report that they frequently do things that they know interfere with their well-being.' Wow, that hit home for me! It got me up off my butt and out walking again, and I've not stopped since. Thank you, Dr. Karen. That was the reality check I needed."

- Dharlene Marie Fahl, Author/Inspirational Speaker/Tea Specialist

My Gift: "Sipping Tea - Celebrating Me" e-book and seven daily prayers - value: $13

"Dr. Karen has nailed it! I'm a natural-health junkie, but this is the first book I've ever seen that handles mind, body and spirit together. For the GO DOCTOR knows that when you live a healthy life, you are better able to live your purpose. If you want to find more joy in life - read this book!! Oh, and the best bonus - the fatigue test. I've never seen anything like it. The GO DOCTOR really knows her stuff - take advantage and live your best!!!"

- Dr. Patricia Ross, Best Affirmations

My Gift: The Best Affirmations Workbook - value: $20

"The Go Doctor is just the right medicine for a healthy, vibrant life. Dr. Karen's insightful book, 'Stop Being Stopped,' was the green light I needed to get my health back on track. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking a sexy, healthy, inspired life."

- Elaine Starling, CEO of Promise Power

My Gift: The Promise Power Daily Gratitude Worksheet - value: $20

"The GO Doctor has given mankind one of the most precious gifts - heartfelt sincerity to external and internal wellness...utilizing passion, compassion, and her 'pearls' of wisdom to stimulate a happier and more energetic you!"

- Janice Bernhard, The "Happiness" Coach

My Gift: 1-hour Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics session - value: $125

"'Stop Being Stopped' gets to the heart of what holds us back from having the health and energy we need and want in our lives. I am completely amazed with the clarity of the roadmap she provides. It's holistic health at its finest. Her unique approach leaves no stone unturned because it encompasses not only the body, but the mind, heart and spirit as well."

- Faith Zimmerman, Radiant Life Strategies

My Gift: The Holistic Balance E-Course - value: $30

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Get ready to unleash the healthier, sexier YOU!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Women in Business Battling Menopause

Hello Ladies...

I want you to understand my perspective on Dr. Helen's approach to managing menopausal symptoms, and in order to do that, I need to share a little of my personal menopausal journey.

In the year leading up to 2000, I had a bout with ovarian cancer. This nose-to-nose fist-fight with the disease ended with a win for ME!

In June of 2000, I had a total hysterectomy and eight years later, I can confidently say, it got ALL the bad stuff out! I did have to fight with a few of my doctors on how I wanted to proceed with treatment. Knowing that I could not have any more children (a whole other long story), I pushed for just getting it all out of me for good, and the doctors finally acquiesed. I always did have good negotiation skills.

The thing that I didn't really understand at 38-years-old was the impact of post-surgical menopause and the traditional medical treatment for its symptoms.

Symptoms...such a clinical word for world-rocking physical and emotional feelings. After seven years of HRT (hormone replacement therapy), I found a doctor who could take me off HRT (which, by the way, put an extra 40 pounds of weight on me during the first few months of treatment, and I've been battling to get that weight off for years!). With the help of Dr. Helen Thomas, I've lost 20 of those 40 pounds and now I have my hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms under control - without taking hormones!

You know I love to share a good resource, and this week, I'm going to do just that!

I've blogged about Dr. Helen in the past, and now we're trying to share some of the treatment info that she's used with me to help other women who may not be geographically local to work with her directly.

You could suffer through menopausal symptoms...but why?

Dr. Helen Thomas and I present her Ayurveda 3-Step Menopausal Balance Program guaranteed to set you on a course toward "sama dosha" - all three doshas in balance (you can learn what a "dosha" is through her "What Is Ayurveda? Understanding the Principles of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Body Types" guidebook available for download with this program!) - during menopause and beyond!

Menopause is a natural cycle, but dealing with its symptoms can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Instead of turning to risky treatments like HRT, wouldn't you rather utilize the natural, safe practices of the ancient science of Ayurveda to soothe your hot flashes, mood swings, hot feet, fatigue and more?

Dr. Helen's Ayurveda 3-Step Menopausal Balance Program is a special combination of guides, recipes, regimens and a tele-seminar where YOU can tap into her vast Ayurvedic wisdom and ask her the direct questions about your personal journey through menopause.

STEP 1: The "What Is Ayurveda? Understanding the Principles of Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic Body Types" PDF booklet Determine which of the three doshas - Vata, Pitta or Kapha - that guides you, and discover which regimens will work with your body type and digestive tendencies.

STEP 2: The "Menopausal (and Menstrual) Remedies for Your Body Type" PDF pamphlet. Quiet and diminish your menopausal and menstrual symptoms with five-sense therapy and daily lifestyle regimens to re-align your doshic imbalances.

NOTE: Both booklets will be presented in one, easy-to-download PDF file, available after you finish the purchasing process.

STEP 3: The "Ayurvedic Menopausal Balance Tele-Seminar" on Wednesday, September 17th at 5:00 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET. There's only so much information Dr. Helen can give you in her ezines (available at www.EffortlessAyurvedicLiving.com) and booklets, and because every woman's journey through menopause is unique, she wants to address YOUR specific issues and offer you personal Ayurvedic insights and knowledge. On this call, Dr. Helen will go into more depth about everything she's discussed so far and answer any questions you may have.

If you've been reading her recent ezines (sign up to read them at www.EffortlessAyurvedicLiving.com) you know that she's only scratched the surface of the wonders of Ayurvedic treatments for menopausal balance! By purchasing her Ayurveda 3-Step Menopausal Balance Program for the low price of $29.95 (or you could spend thousands of dollars on other "remedies" that may do more harm than good), you're opening yourself up to a world without the suffering of menopausal symptoms.

Enjoy this beautiful time in your life by attaining balance through menopause the Ayurvedic way!

Ordering this program is safe and easy. When you complete the purchasing process, you'll be e-mailed both pamphlets - in a single, easy-to-download PDF format - and the information on the tele-seminar call-in number and access code.

Take your menopausal care into your own hands and order today!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Menopause Doesn't Have to Mean Suffering at Work!

Recently, I was featured in an article by Katherine Reynolds Lewis (Newhouase News Service) in The Seattle Times, called "Working through on-the-job menopause." Even through menopause is a natural cycle, that doesn't mean its symptoms don't interfere with our personal and professional lives.

Hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue...few women are blessed enough not to have to deal with these symptoms. And they can wreak havoc in our personal relationships as well as our professional ones.

Raise your hand if you've ever sat in a meeting and suddenly felt the familiar rush of heat and sweat that a hot flash can bring. I know I have. It's uncomfortable and embarrassing, and it can often send the wrong message to your colleagues and even your boss. They may mistake your red face and your fidgeting as dislike for an idea or a project...when all you're trying to do is muscle through and ride out your hot flash!

Let me tell you a little bit about my personal experience with menopause and the treatements I've undergone to try and ease my way through the process...

My colleague, friend and Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Helen Thomas, D.C., has helped me immensely as I navigate my way through menopause. Her safe, natural Ayurvedic methods have all but demolished my menopausal symptoms, and let me tell you, I feel a lot better knowing that I'm not pumping hormones into my body. Not to mention the fact that my work - face-to-face with clients and audiences of thousands - no longer suffers at the hands of menopausal symptoms.

And now I'd like to offer you the opportunity to experience Dr. Helen and her Ayurvedic methods for dealing with menopause. She's currently offering an amazing program called "Ayurveda 3-Step Menopausal Balance Program" on her website: www.EffortlessAyurvedicLiving.com.

The first step in her "Ayurveda 3-Step Menopausal Balance Program" is a fantastic PDF booklet called "What Is Ayurveda? Understanding the Principles of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Body Types". It gives a brief overview of Ayurveda and the Vata, Pitta and Kapha body types as well as specific regimens for each type, Ayurvedic recipes, and other Ayurvedic treatments.

The second step in her "Ayurveda 3-Step Menopausal Balance Program" is the "Menopausal (And Menstrual) Remedies for Your Body Type" PDF booklet. This informative pamphlet provides safe and natural Ayurvedic remedies for common menopausal and menstrual symptoms.

The third step in her "Ayurveda 3-Step Menopausal Balance Program" is a live tele-seminar with her, Dr. Helen, and myself. She'll be going into greater depth about all sorts of menopausal issues as well as proven Ayurvedic techniques for dealing with uncomfortable and often embarrassing menopausal symptoms. It's also your opportunity to speak with her (and me) directly: ask questions, offer your own insights, and share your menopausal experiences.

To learn more about Dr. Helen and her incredible Ayurvedic insights into menopause (as well as a whole host of other issues, including weight loss, food combinations and beauty), visit her website at www.EffortlessAyurvedicLiving.com and click on her "Archives" section.

Menopause is a natural process, but thanks to Dr. Helen and Ayurveda, it no longer has to interfere with your personal and your professional life!

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!

Remember a few weeks ago, I alluded to a brand new program that I was developing to help people get over their fear of public speaking (the #1 fear of most people!)?

Well, it's ready to roll, and I'm so excited about it!

Check it out for yourself here!

Knowing how to speak in public is VITAL to your success personally and professionally. Most executives that I know wouldn't be where they are today if they couldn't express themselves to their teams, their clients and their bosses. And the fear of opening your mouth in front of an audience - small or large - can be crippling to your career and your relationships.

My "Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!" video program shares my best tips for banishing those public speaking demons forever. As a professional speaker myself and someone who has met other amazing speakers, I've gathered a world of experience, tips, and tools that I want to share with you through this video program.

Read more about it here!

(The response to this program has been astounding! Don't miss your opportunity to tap into my professional speaking expertise and learn how to communicate confidently in front of any audience!)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama's DNC Speech!

Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention has people talking, and after seeing it, I can understand why. You gotta give her credit...what a fantastic speech and speaker! Michelle held that room in the palm of her hand! She knew that her role was to appeal to the women voters in the audience (both live and virtual)...the mothers, sisters and daughters and that is how she played her content and delivery. She knew she needed some female damage control...and she delivered.

The immediate connection she made with the women in the audience was, "I am someone you could chat with over coffee!"

The stories she told and the passionate and engaging way she told them really struck a chord. It was clear that although she was there to talk up her husband, she did so in a way that was personal and heartwarming - not cold and robotic, just spewing out facts about him. I admire how she embraced her roles as a wife, mother and daughter instead of shying away from them as so many professional women do. This woman clearly has a good idea of who she is and what role she would like to play as First Lady.

It was a brilliant move (and a crowd pleaser) when she...

gave props to her mother (and father), to Hillary Clinton for the "18 million cracks" she's made in the "glass ceiling", and to the generations of people who've come before us and how they paved the way, they are our role models, they've given us opportunities for success.

You know, I think Michelle would really like my book!

As a professional speaker, I examined her with a critical eye and found her to be an excellent speaker both charismatic and focused. She looked elegant, stylish and (most importantly for managing her image) approachable- great choice not to put on the corporate suit because it would've contrasted with her subtle message ("I am just like you").

The girl sure can tell a story: she clearly projected that her message was heartfelt and that she was passionate about it, but she didn't slip into being overly sentimental. Her words had just enough polish to be taken seriously, but enough tiny mistakes to make it personable as well . Her gestures and body language complemented her eloquence and grace. Although sometimes her pointing of the finger gave away a bit of her more aggressive side.

All-in-all, I give her an A for her speech and her presentation. I particularly liked her call to action: stop doubting and start dreaming; follow your hopes instead of your fears.

Call me, Michelle. We'll do lunch!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Become a Career Olympian!

My apologies for staying away from my blog for so long, but between working with clients, traveling to Salt Lake City for a conference about SendOutCards.com (you've GOT to check these guys out - their system is amazing and so much fun!), and getting my sons back off to college (the house is mine and my husband's again - woo hoo! But seriously, I love my kids and miss them, too), I've been using my few minutes of downtime to, you know, breathe.

And I've also been staying up way too late to watch the Olympics! I'm so proud of our fellow countrymen and countrywomen; they've been outstanding all around in their events. According to Yahoo! this morning, the USA has earned 101 medals so far (8 of which are the incredible gold medals won by record-breaker Michael Phelps - congratulations to him!).

While I love the thrill of the competitions, I'm truly amazed by the Olympians themselves. To paraphrase a comment made on "Project Runway" during their Olympic challenge, they are as close to real-live superheros as we can get. They are at peak performance levels, and they've trained endlessly to achieve their goals. Let's follow their example!

Today, I challenge you to commit to your career like an Olympian commits to his or her training. I want you focus on kicking your career into overdrive (especially if lately it's been chugging along like a golf cart), and I want you firing all cylinders as you work towards your career's peak performance level.

And as your coach, I'm going to give you the benefit of my knowledge with these 10 tips for advancing your career!

1. Create a "life skills" line: Record everything you know how to do - from birth until the present - and all the skills required to do them. What have you excelled at? (And they don't have to be just work-related...you'd be surprised how the skills you have in your hobbies translate into success into the workplace.)

2. Make a "life activity" line (layer it right over your "life skills" line). Identify the activies at work and at home that you enjoy doing. If your skill is problem-solving, activities you might like are troubleshooting at work or working on your car's engine. A career that is satisfying and challenging with incorporate some of those skills and activities.

3. Rate your enjoyment and aptitude of each entry on your line: 1 if you're excellent at it and love doing it; 5 if it's one of your weaker areas or if you wouldn't want to do it for more than a few hours. And with this info, you're going to then...

4. Create a clear picture in your mind of your next 5 career moves (they're not set in stone!). They could be in order and progressing up through your organization, or they could be lateral moves into other organizations or industries. Plotting out these career moves starts to set you up with a strategy for career advancement (and we all know how much I LOVE strategy!).

5. Map out opportunities within your organization. You got those 5 career moves in your head - where are they in your organization? Create a "treasure map" that you can follow, leading you to each of those 5 career moves. Who's holding those jobs now? What are your chances of earning that position? If there's a star blocking your route of advancement (think Don Draper of "Mad Men") who shows no signs of budging, then you should first do everything in your power to succeed and prove your worth in your current position (a shift all the way up line might occur) or you might want to consider moving to another company, which leads me to...

6. Map opportunities outside your organization. What organizations are the leaders in your industry? Are they looking for highly-skilled people like you, and if so, what could they offer you? Look for industries that are complementary to yours. There may be opportunities to not only bring your insights into a new industry, but also for you to be invigorated by a new set of challenges.

7. Assess people in higher levels of your organization. Give them a report card. Who does a great job? Who might be on his or her way out? Who might be open to talking to you about their position? What are their skills...and do you have them?

8. Make a list of people who would help you if they knew your career aspirations. While it's a good idea to be tentative about who you share your career plans with (especially if they include chucking your current job for another), you have people in your sphere of influence that can help you attain your career goals if you talk to them about those goals. Be selective in who you share your dreams with, but make sure you share your dreams with someone!

9. Use an interview as an excuse to go and speak to someone who has the job that you want. Does your company have a newsletter or a website that highlights employees and bosses? If so, go to the head of these departments and ask if you can do a profile on the person who has the job you want. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to have some of the burden taken off them, and I'm sure that the person you interview will be flattered that you're so interested in them and their job. Asking for an interview is a non-threatening way to do your research and gather information.

10. Join an industry organization. This is a primo networking opportunity just waiting for you to reach out and grab it. Learn about other companies in your industry, other positions you may be qualified for, and loads of other inside scoop that can help you strategize your next career move.

Now go out there and earn a gold medal in career advancement!

For more great tips on how to advance your career, check out my new book: From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership. It's got all the ways you can add a little of "Mom's wisdom" to the workplace and succeed as a powerful leader.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sharing the Gift of Health...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: We women have to stick together!

We've got SO MUCH going on in our lives: handling our kids, our significant others, our households, our careers, ourselves...I felt a wave of exhaustion sweep over me just while I was writing that!

The only way we can have it all and do it all (and do it all right) is if we share what we know with each other, if we lend each other a helping hand, if we support each other.

That's why I want to share with you an amazing gift!

As you may remember, I've been working with an incredible woman named Dr. Helen Thomas. She is a practitioner of the ancient, healing science of Ayurveda. She's also the author of Effortless Ayurvedic Living (available for FREE on her website), and she's responsible for drastic, wonderful changes in my health. I've already mentioned how here and here.

Now she's offering an amazing tele-seminar, and I just have to tell all of you moms out there about it.

Many of us have had some sort of struggle with our weight. I know I have! (Until I met Dr. Helen, I felt like I kept losing and gaining the same darn ten pounds!) And I'm sure I'm not the only one who had an emotional struggle with it, too. I worried about how I looked, of course, but more importantly, I worried about my health and how I felt about myself.

While this is important for us, as adults, to deal with, it's even more crucial when it's our children who are suffering from being overweight. The stigma surrounding being overweight, the health concerns, and the damage to their overall well-being are our responsibility, and we need to take control and set them on a path toward greater health not just now, but in the future as well.

Enter Dr. Helen and Ayurveda!

On her website (in the Archives section) she's been posting a three-part series on Childhood Obesity that is FANTASTIC! When I heard from her that the American Academy of Pediatrics is proposing to administer Statin drugs (cholesterol-lowering drugs) to children as young as age 8 (AGE 8!) I nearly fell on the floor! There's got to be a better way, I thought to myself. And Dr. Helen agrees.

Her approach to childhood obesity is through the safe and natural practices of Ayurveda. This is an ancient science, readers, and as a patient of hers, I can attest to the unbelievable results it brings.

But I'll let her tell you all about it...

She's offering sensational tele-seminar on August 26th that you absolutely MUST be a part of, even if your child isn't suffering from obesity, because her tips and advice can help you help them maintain their healthy weight.

The tele-seminar is called Ayurvedic Answers to Getting Our Children Healthy! We all know that childhood obesity is a national epidemic, but Dr. Helen believes that the answer is NOT pharmaceuticals, fad diets, or shame and deprivation. AYURVEDA is the key to managing the weight of your child! It's gentle, loving, safe and natural - all the things you want for your child...and it's as close as your spice rack!

The Ayurvedic Answers to Getting Our Children Healthy! tele-seminar will be held on August 26th, 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time/ 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. This phenomenal event is more than just valuable advice and tips: it's an opportunity for YOU to ask YOUR QUESTIONS! Dr. Helen Thomas and her husband, Dr. Craig Thomas, will be there, ready and willing to share their vast knowledge on Ayurveda.

The info they're presenting, plus the live-and-direct Q&A with them, could easily cost you $$$$ in books, seminars, and products, but she's letting me offer this out to you for a special rate, a minimal cost of only $22.95.

Your health and the health of your child are WORTH it!

Ordering is safe and easy!
(Brought to you by me - Michelle Y. Drake - and my company, The Cove Group, Inc.)

To sign up, simply click here to begin the purchase process.

I'll be there on the tele-seminar call myself, so I hope to "hear" you there!

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Who's Afraid of Public Speaking?

Well, after last week's whirlwind posting marathon during "Lipstick Leadership Week", I decided to lay low for the past few days.

In the interim, I've been swamped with coaching clients who are begging me to help them with their public speaking. Apparently, that old saying about public speaking being an even greater fear than death is true!

Now, I admit: even a professional speaker like me gets butterflies in her stomach before taking the stage and staring out into that sea of people. But then my adrenaline kicks in and my naturally talkative personality takes over. Unfortunately, that's not the case for most people.

I've heard horror stories from clients, colleagues and friends about how they froze under the spotlights (or even speaking to a smaller group in a meeting) and tripped and stuttered their way through their presentations. My heart goes out to them. (I feel the same way when faced with a situation where math is required!)

So a few days ago, I had one of those "aha" moments Oprah's always talking about:

- People need help with their public speaking.
- I'm a professional speaker who can also be considered something of an expert in getting over fears.

Why not figure out some global way (as opposed to one-on-one coaching...there's only so much of my time to go around!) that I could help people overcome their fear of public speaking??


I'm now in the process of developing a fantastic new video product and loads of special bonuses to go along with it. I can't wait to unveil it, and I'm hoping to have the finishing touches put on it next week!

Keep your eyes open, loyal readers, because you're going to be one of the first people I offer it out to. I'll post more details soon!

Have a great weekend!

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Monday, August 04, 2008

"Lipstick Leadership Week" May Be Over But...

...all of the fantastic entries I received will live on here at my blog!

If you missed out on last week's event, feel free to scroll down or click on the "lipstick leadership stories" tag at the bottom of this post to enjoy all of the anedotes and insights that made "Lipstick Leadership Week" a smashing success!

I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent in stories - they were all truly amazing and inspiring. I only wish I could get to know each of these incredible role models personally!

And it's a great feeling to know that this network of "mother's wisdom" you all helped me create is only the beginning! I can't wait to get started on the next book in the "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office" series - you've proven that there's limitless inspiration out there and plenty of moms and mom figures to draw experiences from!

In the meantime, I've got a lot of other pots full of ideas bubbling on my mental stovetop, and you'll be the first to hear about them here on my blog and through my free eZine "Lipstick Leadership" (Haven't signed up yet? You're missing out on a lot of great info! Sign up here or at LipstickLeadership.com).

Stay tuned!

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Lipstick Leadership: "Thank You!" - Michelle Yozzo Drake

Thanks to everyone who participated in "Lipstick Leadership Week". Here's hoping this is the first of many!

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: Perseverance and Determination - Kati Machtley's Story!

"Both of my grandmothers taught in one-room schoolhouses in rural Pennsylvania for many years. I visited those schoolhouses with them in the '50s and '60s and was amazed at how self-sufficient they were. My mother started her own kindergarten - also in Pennsylvania in the '50s - and then taught in an elementary school for another 35 years. The lessons that I learned from them are those of perseverance and determination to finish the job inspite of all obstacles and hardships which you may encounter both at home and in the workplace."

- Kati Machtley, Women's Summit Director, Bryant University

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: My Mother, My Role Model - Rita Allen's Story!

"My mother's courage, strength, resourcefulness and unconditional love shaped my self-image which allowed me to pursue everything and anything I have ever wanted to achieve in my life. Her actions taught me to persevere even in adversity and to believe anything is possible for me. Although she was not born in this country, she has amazed me with her ability to reinvent herself many times over! Not only does she have spirit but it is all grounded with an incredible faith that she has also instilled in me. My mother is my role model...she has led her life with the utmost grace and soul. I have grown to become a resilient woman who has approached all of my work with passion and the belief in my ability to achieve all of my goals. Because of the solid foundation she created for me, I don't hesitate to 'go for it' within my work every day. I'm not afraid to try new things, welcome challenges and have the confidence to plow right through them."

- Rita Allen, Rita B. Allen Associates

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: More Than Words - Corrie Woods' Story!

"The most powerful lessons I learned, and am still learning, from my mother haven't come in words. Not that the countless times she sat me down to share wisdom that helped me to find my way weren't important. They were. Yet the lessons that have lasted the longest and that have become a part of who I am came from watching how my mother shows up in the world. Here are a few examples of what I mean: my mother doesn't believe in complaining, never has. She takes what life hands her and makes the most out of it. My mother shows me that a woman can be tough and strong and have a huge and caring heart. Though I undoubtedly have had my moments of stretching her toleration and patience, I have never doubted she was there for me and my sisters 100%. My mother taught me that when it comes down to it, dropping everything and hopping a plane to take care of a loved one in need is a no-brainer. Most of all, my mother taught me these lessons and so many more which have helped me to be the best mom I can be for my children. That has been the greatest gift of all!"

- Corrie Woods, author of "The Woman's Field Guide to Exceptional Living"

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: Training Your People - E. Adrienne van Dooren's Story!

"Brigadier Pat Foote influenced me when I was a 2nd lieutenant and trying to manage everything. She said, 'The sign of a leader is how well their people do when they are not there. Train your people, always tell them the result you want but don't dictate the how...let them surprise you with their ingenuity. Never micromanage. Trust them to do the job, but always check, check, check.' She then 'killed' me in the war games and had my sergeants take over - they did great and I learned to power down."

- E. Adrienne van Dooren, The House That Faux Built

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: "Igniting the Spark of Leadership" - Chris Brown's Story!

"My mom was my Brownie leader. She organized the crafts. She volunteered to pick up the patches at the scout shop. She still isn't much of a singer, but she taught us all those special Brownie songs. She helped us recite the Brownie promise at the close of each meeting. She got all of us girls to really believe in ourselves that when we chanted the phrase, "Twist me and turn me and show me the elf, I looked in the water and saw...myself!" When we glanced down at the pine branches laid around the mirror, we really were transformed into someone who can do anything. She gave us the confidence to try new things and make a difference. And over the years, our troop did. We cleaned up the overgrown corner lot in our town, throwing away trash, trimming back all the weeds and planting petunias. We visited the shut-ins in the nursing home. We camped in the woods and cooked on Buddy Burners made of 3 lb. coffee cans and tuna cans with cardboard and wax.

As we grew from Brownies to Juniors to Cadettes, so did our activities. We traveled to the capital. We helped organize events for the younger scouts. We saw plays. We earned badges. We took photos and cemented friendships. We created scavenger hunts for the younger scouts with watermelons as the prize at the end. We learned leadership skills like mentoring, planning, encouraging and collaborating.

My mom volunteered hundreds of hours to the girls in our troop. She taught us leadership by letting us try it on one step at a time. And now, many years later, if you surveyed those dozen girls, you'll find women who have grown up to become leaders in a wide variety of roles including business, government and health care (and scouts, too). And now we are passing it on to the next generation.

Thanks Mom, for igniting the spark of leadership in all of us!

- Chris Brown

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: Patience - Julie Viskup's Story!

"I learned an important lesson from my Aunt Evelyn, a farm wife. When I was young, I used to think that Evelyn was the most patient person I had ever met. Evelyn was slow to judge and quick to understand. She taught me that you never know what is happening with a person until you ask. This has helped me to forge business relationships that I would otherwise never have considered."

- Julie Viskup, Law Professor at Champlain College

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: Accessorizing Your Life with Time for Yourself - Pam Robertson's Story!

"...I credit a good part of my efforts at celebrating myself as a woman to my mom and my grandmother. They both taught me how to step back from work, kids and family issues to take some time just for me, and do it with panache.

Nana had my mom in the midst of World War Two in Britain. Nana is a frugal woman and has lived what many of us would consider a hard life, but through it all - working as a housemaid and later, a hand model only to have to take work as a welder during the war, then moving to Canada with a young child - she could step back and unwind herself. Even if all she had was five minutes, my grandmother would spend some time on something that made her feel good, and often it was as simple as the way she put her lunch plate together. It was as simple as grating cheese on top of her salad and adding a sprig of watercress on the side. It was as elegant as winding her chestnut hair and pinning the curls in a way that crowned her head.

My mom could be going to the shops for a few groceries or simply stepping out to say hello to a neighbor, but even during cancer treatment and with most of her hair gone, Mom always made sure that she looked good when people saw her, and she continues to do so. She'll throw on a beautiful pair of earrings, a necklace, scarf or brooch, something with a bit of style.

When I was a young adult, I thought she was a bit over the top, always reminding me to accessorize, but I realize now that the effort that she made for herself made her feel good, and the energy and enthusiasm for life that she possesses also transfers to others around her and makes other people feel good. That says a lot for the power of a pair of earrings and a scarf, but it's true.

At times when I am really feeling the pressures of work and running a business, family and all the things that come together to make it work, I pause to think of these two women who have had so much influence in my life, and I celebrate a little moment for myself. A cup of tea in my favourite cup, a sprig of parsley on my plate or a piece of jewelry that offers a statement, and I am acknowledging both of these remarkable women. I thank them for the example that they set about the importance of celebrating me and for embracing life with all it has to offer."

- Pam Robertson

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: Independent Woman - Christina Lemmey's Story!

"My mother is very independent and led by example that women could do anything we wanted to do. She was a stay-at-home mom and was not a business person, but she took art classes at the community college, and she would travel at least once a year by herself to visit her brothers across the country or her best friend. We didn't have sit-down conversations about all the things I could accomplish, but sometimes seeing a living example is just as powerful as hearing the words. I've heard from many friends how they are surprised I would drive 3 hours with my kids to visit an out-of-state friend by myself. I also decided on my own to start my business and figured out myself what steps I needed to take to learn more from coaches to increase my business.

While I do not consider myself a risk-taker, the independence that I learned from my mother has definitely helped lead me on the right business path."

- Christina Lemmey

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: Plan Big Things - Esther Jantzen's Story!

"As a single mother I learned the value of planning ahead...planning big things. Back in 1976, I decided to celebrate the country's bicentennial with a cross-country (east to west coast and back) road trip with my four-year-old daughter. I invited a girlfriend with a six-year-old to join me. We planned the trip loosely on a small budget, loaded up my Toyota station wagon, and set off for an astonishing adventure. Plan it, do it, enjoy it, learn and remember forever! It's the same thing in business!"

- Esther Jantzen

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: Consistency - Carol Fishman Cohen's Story!

"What I've learned from my four kids - and from the experiences of moms I've interviewed for my book - is the importance of consistency in children's lives. This is especially true when it comes to a mom's job. Whether a mom works part-time or full-time or has been home since her children were born, it's the predictability of the arrangement that makes it work for the kids. Messing with that consistency can be tricky - which is why moving in and out of the workforce must be handled with great care."

- Carol Fishman Cohen, Co-Author of "Back on the Career Track"

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Lipstick Leadership: Work Isn't Everything - Chris Chrisso's Story!

"Most everything I learned about work and work ethic, I learned from my father. The most important woman in my life was my grandmother. She taught me many, many things about gardens, animals and birds, and unconditional love - but not about work. On reflection, that probably was the best lesson to learn...work isn't everything."

- Chris Chrissos, Political Aide

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lipstick Leadership: "Stand Up!" - Dr. Carole Lieberman's Story!

"My mother taught me to stand up for myself and not be intimidated by rules. For example, as a little girl, I remember being awestruck by how she would persuade big department stores to take back merchandise that their rules said would never happen. Like the designer gown she got a store to take back because there were suddenly cheaper copies of it on the market all over town. This, despite signs warning that they never take back gowns. It may seem like a trivial example, but it taught me not to take 'no' for an answer.

Today, she has the same spunk when it comes to dreaming up audacious marketing strategies for her new children's book, Archibald's Swiss Cheese Mountain. I look at her and am reminded and grateful that she has passed this 'chutzhpah' on to me."

- Dr. Carole Lieberman, Beverly Hills psychiatrist/author/talk show host, www.DrCarole.com

For more of "Mom's Wisdom" to apply in your workplace for success, check out my new book "From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership" available in local bookstores and online at BarnesAndNoble.com!

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