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Monday, August 21, 2006

Transition is a Difficult Thing

I am in the middle of another major transition in my life. I have a choice on how I will handle it. I can make the transition easier for myself and others around me or I can make it miserable.

Being prepared to roll with change is a requirement to a fulfilled life...and it is just plain smart!

We droppped my oldest son at college and as a mom I am facing a redefinition of my role, in another year my youngest son leaves for school...making me an empty nester...it does not seem possible, but I am there. What will that mean to my parenting style, my marraige, my self image and my work?

Here is peek into the experiences of the past week and what I am taking out of them.

I have been on the road for almost a week, delivering my oldest son Michael to college 22 hours away from my home. The beginning of this journey was an emotional one. The first day we were in the car for 15 hours. 15 hours of thinking can bring up a lot of old stuff. Things I wished I had taken more time to enjoy with my kids, things I wished I had taken pictures of, and things that I am joyful that I chose. I felt like the foundation of my world was being shaken.

Will he miss me?
Will he be safe?
Will I ever be a part of his life again?
How do I let him know I love him without smothering him?
Can I let go enough to let him fly?
Can I hold on enough to keep him close to our family?

Change often brings questions that center around fear. I have always enjoyed change and am trying to keep an open mind about it now. In the closing meeting for parents at the orientation there were many Moms struggling. One, clearly in distress, asked the speaker a question...

How do we say good-bye?

I felt compelled to raise my hand and comment...I told her...

We don't have to say good-bye.

We should take this opportunity to tell our children that we are proud of who they are.

That we will always believe in them and their ability to achieve whatever they put their mind to.

I went over week without hearing from my son, after I left Florida Tech...it was a lesson in patience and trust. Intellectually, I know that it means that my husband and I did a good job in nurturing a confident and well-adjusted child. Emotionally, I wondered all of the questions above.

I got a call last night, yes, from Michael.

2 hours later, after hearing all of the cool stuff that he is doing...
I went to bed happy that I gave him his space and content that he chose to share it.


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Dealing with Loss

Hello everyone. I need to start with an apology. I have been a bit absent the past few weeks. I have been struggling with loss in my life. In August I lost an important family member to cancer and then had to drop my first born at college 22 hours away. My focus has been on my personal life and I have not been posting. I am now back and will be posting regularly again. Thanks for hanging in with me.

- Michelle


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Monday, August 07, 2006

Michelle Yozzo Drake Hits the Radio Airwaves

I have been hosting a weekly talk-radio show in the Hartford, Connecticut market since April. It has been a very interesting and rewarding experience for me.

As a public speaker and business coach a show on business solutions seemed like a logical fit. I was really surprised at the amazing response from publisists, of internationally known authors and experts, that have contacted me about getting their clients on my show--The Time is Now! Business Solutions with Michelle Y. Drake on WXCT Talk Radio 990.

We have had guests who are marketing experts, bloggers, leadership gurus, cold calling specialists, financial lenders and a regular dose of my perspective on life in the workplace.

If you would like to check out the show but are not in the Hartford area you can listen and learn at michelleydrake.com by registering in the free members only section. We are keeping all interviews up for the next few weeks and then they will be available on disk in our shopping cart.

Jumping into a new arena has been a great energizer creatively for me. I encourage you to find new ways to tap into your talents and potential professionally and watch how you transform personally! 1,2,3 go!


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