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Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!

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Sweaty palms? Check

Racing heartbeat? Check

A mind that's gone completely blank? Check

Last meal threatening to make a second appearance?




And that's OK!

(No, really. It is. Just stick with me on this.)

You're a card-carrying constituent of the biggest community in the world: people who fear speaking publicly more than they fear...well, you've heard the studies and the polls.

And I'm here to revoke your membership.

No longer will you freeze up like a human Popsicle when facing a crowd of people waiting to hear your every word. The worry that you'll bore them into a coma or that you'll ramble on and on like a runaway train? GONE. Kiss sleepless nights filled with anxiety GOOD-BYE (and tell 'em not to write).

I'm MICHELLE YOZZO DRAKE, and with my video program


I'm going to turn your speaking opportunities from...

"This could be career suicide!" to

"This could be a career stepping stone!"

"Right on the money! Not only did I witness a transformation in myself, I saw it in everyone in the group."

- Ken Avellanet, Siemens Corporation

I know that you're a consummate professional. I know that you're brilliant at what you do, and that you're at the top of your game. And I also know that if you want to advance your career to the next level, you absolutely MUST be able to speak publicly - and become good at it!

Don't shake your head.

This is the TRUTH, and you know it

(even if it scares you to admit it...

and that's okay, too).

Any one of the many Fortune 500 executives I've coached with my "Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!" video program will agree. They wouldn't be where they are today if they couldn't get past their fears and communicate their amazing ideas across to their teams, to their shareholders, or to their bosses.

Ditto for the successful entrepreneurs I've shared "Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!" with, too. Their businesses would be mere memories if they couldn't get out there and promote their products and services.


Hear what Michelle Yozzo Drake has to say about the importance of "one conversation" and how you can ensure that you're ready for it:

"Michelle Yozzo Drake is an engaging, entertaining speaker who brings stories to life with her enthusiastic approach to life. Michelle has a unique way of capitalizing on the smallest life lesson and putting that to work as a learning opportunity."

- Sue Meserve, Pfizer, Inc.

I've been in this business on all sides - as an executive coach, as an entrepreneur, and as an internationally known professional speaker - for over twenty years (obviously, I started VERY young).

Clients of my coaching and my "Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!" video program have run the gamut from artists to professional atheletes to technical professionals and scientists to corporate players just trying to reach that next rung on the ladder to the top.

"Michelle lives in a world of possibilities and works to weave reality into the vision...until the vision is reality. Then it is time to dream a new vision. She is a futurist, a believer in the potential of people and their ideas."

- Jerry Moran, Mohegan Sun Resort Casino

I have one client who is as introverted as he is a brilliant engineer - give him a messy schematic and he'll turn it into GOLD - but he felt like he couldn't string two words together when standing in front of a sea of faces. That wasn't a problem when he was in his office pouring over his work...but then disasater hit.

He was asked to speak at a huge convention for pharmaceutical engineers. To turn down this opportunity would've been death to his career aspirations. But to accept it...well, he called me in a panic.

"There are going to be thousands of people there! Staring at me! Waiting for me to speak! What am I going to do?" he moaned.

After I calmed him down, we were only able to cram two coaching sessions into his jam-packed schedule before the weekend of the convention. I worked with him, coached him, and bolstered his confidence and presentation skills.

The result? Not only did his program receive the HIGHEST RATINGS IN THE WHOLE CONFERENCE, 15 people requested that he come present to their groups as well!


"Exceptional insight and expert handling of sensitive issues...I could see significant growth after just one day of the program."

- Connie Siam, Siemens Medical Systems

Another client I have is a project manager who seized the chance for a promotion within his firm. This wasn't going to be any ordinary interview: it was a two-day interview with a PANEL of interviewers seated in front of him like judge and jury. (Donald Trump's "Apprentice" boardroom had NOTHING on this group!)

Needless to say, he was a ball of nerves when he called me for a few sessions beforehand. I worked with him in the days before the interview, honing his skills, gathering the main points he wanted to hit, and crafting a powerful message that HE IS THE RIGHT - THE ONLY - CHOICE FOR THIS POSITION. The icing on his presentation was the "100 Day Plan" we developed for him, outlining everything he was committed to do during the first 100 days in this new job.

I received an excited phone call from him a week after the interview...

"After hearing Michelle speak, I learned how to take an idea and turn it into a marketable product...take a vision and create a concrete, money-making business plan...and maximize every opportunity and turn every meeting into money. Working with Michelle is like being invited into a room that you never knew existed, let alone one you could actually enter. My company is on the rise and is getting stronger every day. Someday when I'm asked how we did it, two words I'll be sure to include in my press release: Michelle Drake."

- Kathy LeMay, President and CEO of Raising Change

..."Michelle, you're not going to believe this!" he practically shouted. "I got the job! I just jumped TWO levels up from my old position!!"

I believed it because I'd made sure that he was ready to speak eloquently to those interviewers and I knew he was able to PROVE his worth in his message to them.

"Michelle Drake is a rare combination of magical storyteller and brilliant business woman who imparts her wisdom with equal parts wit. She's the quintessential 'Lipstick Leader' who empowers women by courageously exposing her own vulnerabilities. She's captivating, endearing and a wellspring of innovative ideas that will entertain and inspire any audience!"

- Carole Lieberman, M.D., Beverly Hills Media Psychiatrist

Enough about me and my clients...

Let's talk about YOU for a minute.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:
  • You're up to your ears with projects at work and your boss decides YOU'RE the perfect person to present at your industry's annual meeting...

  • There's a big, juicy promotion just waiting for you...if only you can communicate your ideas clearly and can move an audience into action...

  • You want your audience to L-O-V-E your presentation and your unique speaking style - so much so, that they clamor for you to come back to speak again and again...

  • You're an expert in your field or maybe you're an author with hundreds of incredible ideas you desperately want to share with the world, but fear of public speaking has you firmly in its grasp...


of this is 100% absolutely and completely ATTAINABLE if you're ready to say "YES!" to letting me help you become the fantastic public speaker I KNOW YOU CAN BE.

My "Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!" video program is much more than just, "Okay. So when you're up there, picture the audience naked..." (BAD IDEA, by the way).

I guarantee that with this program, you'll learn how to:
  • Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking! (Surprised?)

  • Do the REAL JOB you have as a speaker (HINT: It's not just about the info you're sharing!)

  • Make the RIGHT FIRST IMPRESSION with the image you project the split-second you walk out in front of a group

  • Use the SECRET WORD that will instantly kill the butterflies (in your stomach, that is) - a tip straight from a former Presidential speech writer!

  • Command the COMPLETE ATTENTION OF THE AUDIENCE (without yelling and scaring the wits out of them)

  • AVOID THE TRAP of choosing the wrong audience to speak to - there's nothing worse than your message missing the mark!

  • DEAL WITH HECKLERS, KNOW-IT-ALLS AND CRITICS WITH MY #1 TACTIC (Unfortunately, these people are out there, and I can save you from their bullying!)

  • PREPARE FOR YOUR SPEECH WITH PAINLESS PRE-PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES - Yes, you've got work to do in building your presentation, but it doesn't have to ruin your day!

  • EMPLOY VISUAL AIDS PROPERLY: Stop hiding behind your PowerPoint (I can see you back there)!


Imagine all that packed into one little 'ol program!

But it's true: my "Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!" video program is the culmination of my expertise as a professional speaker and as executive coach, and I want to offer it to YOU right now.

You didn't think I'd stop there though, did you? No way. In addition to my "Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!" video program, I'm going to shower you with free stuff, too!

With my "Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!" video program, you'll also get not one...not two...but THREE fantastic Bonus Special Reports in ONE easy downloadable PDF! This 3-in-1 report is brimming with more public speaking goodness:
  • Stop Nervous Habits from Ruining Presentations!

  • 4 Barriers to Presenting Ideas...and How to Push Past Them

  • NO FEAR: Conquering Public Speaking
Those pesky public speaking fears DON'T STAND A CHANCE against my program and this special bonus report!!

Would you trade a few cups of coffee from your

favorite barista for the ability to overcome

your #1 fear?

Here's a few things that $19.95 can buy you in today's society:
  • 4 gallons of gas for your car (maybe only 3 by the time you read this)
  • Small popcorn and a soda at the movies
  • 6 tubes of "Mighty Putty" ("if you act now!")
  • A half-year subscription to Sports Illustrated
  • Approximately 1/44th of a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes
Pretty slim pickings, huh?

But how about if I tell you that for $19.95, you can actually get all this:
  • Your next promotion and a hefty raise...

  • That fantastic new job you've been salivating over...

  • A 25% increase in sales commissions...

  • 20% more new customers...

  • New and mega lucrative speaking opportunities knocking down your door

  • Never again being held back by your fear of public speaking!

Now THAT'S what I call $19.95 well-spent!

And I stand by all of my products completely - if you're not satisfied with my "Get Over Your Frear of Public Speaking!" video program, I'll glady give you a 100% refund. This is a risk-free opportunity right here!

So what are you afraid of??

(I mean, you know, aside from public speaking...)

And remember these well-worn but beautifully relevant words from President Franklin D. Roosevelt: "...the only thing we have to fear is fear itself - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."

So that's it. That's my spiel, my offer, and my pledge to help you finally overcoming your fear of public speaking.

If you're happy shying away from opportunities for career advancement because you think you can't step out in front of that big, bad crowd, then I say, "Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with that."

But if you're ready to step into the spotlight, face down your public speaking demons, and open yourself to a world of incredible career opportunities, then I and my "Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking!" video program are here for you.

�I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioned ability of a man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.� � Henry David Thoreau