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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Sound of My Fear Produced a Powerful Voice

When I was in college I had a class that I took...


I did not know what ROTC stood for as an 18 year-old. I found out soon after I enrolled in this class...I was expecting the study of important leaders in history...what I got was running, shooting guns, and obstacle courses...the last straw was that the final exam was jumping off the science building on my college campus...my fear of heights had me in a total panic. The final was the determining factor for an A or an F in the class. Failing was not an option.

I have to confess that I tried every trick in the book...as the only female in the class I tried pleading, crying, playing sick and threatening passing out...The Captain who taught the class did not buy any of it and talked me through jumping off that building. It was a defining moment for me...

I felt power surging through my veins as I stood on the ground at the bottom of the building that I had just leapt (ok, well was practically pushed) off. It seemed to me that light and energy was shooting out of my finger tips and that I knew I could accomplish anything that I set my mind on.

The same degree of fear that I felt manifested itself into a powerful belief and a bold voice. It is not that I was never afraid again...It is just that I have the most powerful belief that I can get past any fear, because I jumped. Confronting that fear gave me the tools to handle other more traumatic events that life had in store for me. I use jumping off that building as a measuring stick for what I can get through...Life has had some very large hurdles for me to get over ( violence, death, illness) ...but hell, I jumped off a building...I can handle anything! Thanks Captain!

My challenge for you this week is to search out a fear and confront it...what you get on the other side is a powerful voice that believes in all the possibilities that life has to offer.

I Believe...do you?

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Revealing Who I Am On TV

I recently was filmed while taking my morning meditation walk by a film crew for Hallmark TV's New Morning show.

It was an interesting exercise for me.

I live my life in front of others as a public speaker. My morning meditation has always been a personal time of reflection and revving up for the day. In some ways sharing it has been freeing...although it has not aired yet...

It will air on Monday July 3rd at 7 am on the Hallmark channel.

I feel as though a more complete picture of who I am is floating around in the universe. My role as CEO of The Cove Group, Inc. defines and validates me in so many ways but is limited to who I am in a business environment. I feel truly blessed to be working a job that has me filled with energy for the day's challenges. I know I have many layers and perspectives to who I am...business woman, wife, mother, friend, artist...the list is endless...as are my possibilites for growth.

I hope that this segment on New Morning will help you find the quiet time to reflect and fuel yourself as you seek your most passionate work! The focus of the show is on listening...my morning meditation walk is focused on listening to the universe and my heart.

As I explore developing my talents...remember that sometimes the answers lie in the quiet of the morning...when it is harder to hide from our own powerful voice!

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