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Client Testimonials

Here's what people are saying about Michelle Yozzo Drake!

Author of "The Woman's Field Guide to Exceptional Living" Corrie Woods on how Michelle Yozzo Drake is helping raise her business to the next level...

Interior designer Natalie Weinstein on the impact Michelle Yozzo Drake has had on her business and her life...

Natalie Weinstein describes Michelle as the "single most important person" in her life whose "tough love" approach and unique perspective on marketing have provided Natalie with phenomenal personal and professional results.

�Exceptional insight and expert handling of sensitive issues�I could see significant growth after just one day of the program.� 
                    - Connie Siam, Siemens Medical Systems

�Right on the money! Not only did I witness a transformation in myself, I saw it in everyone in the group.�
                    - Ken Avellanet, Siemens Corporation

�Michelle lives in a world of possibilities and works to weave reality into the vision�until the vision is reality. Then it is time to dream a new vision. She is a futurist, a believer in the potential of people and their ideas.� 
                    - Jerry Moran, Mohegan Sun Resort Casino

�Following Michelle�s presentation to the EEAC artists, board president Harvey Hellering referred to her as a �firecracker.� I think that is a very good description. Michelle does not blend into the background! She is not only intuitive but sensitive to others.�
                    - Patricia Snyder, East End Arts Council

�Michelle Drake has the rare ability to mix intellect, wit and passion to deliver clear messages that empower, engage and educate audiences.�
                     - Norm Bossio, Bossio Enterprises

�After hearing Michelle speak, I learned how to take an idea and turn it into a marketable product�take a vision and create a concrete, money-making business plan�and maximize every opportunity and turn every meeting into money. Working with Michelle is like being invited into a room that you never knew existed, let alone one you could actually enter. My company is on the rise and is getting stronger every day. Someday when I�m asked how we did it, two words I�ll be sure to include in my press release: Michelle Drake.� 
                     - Kathy LeMay, President and CEO of Raising Change

�As an independent filmmaker, I have often felt daunted by learning the business skills that have the power to make or break my career as an artist. Michelle Drake has expanded my vision for myself and my business and has helped me gain the knowledge and skills to reach my highest goals. Michelle has the rare ability to discern the heart of the matter and to find attainable solutions to help careers and businesses prosper�she merges business with heart.�
                     - Shalini Kantayya, 7th Empire Media/AMMA Films

�Michelle�s guidance is strategic, accessible and hands-on. Michelle has the gift of cutting through the confusion to give her clients specific guidelines and steps to take to brand yourself, know your markets, and build a thriving business. Through her coaching, I have taken my dream business and put it into reality. Michelle is an excellent partner and coach for any entrepreneur. If you want to work with someone who will help you drive results, Michelle is an excellent choice.� 
                     - Tara Roth, Founder, New England Holistic Chamber of Commerce

�She�s [Michelle Drake] a brilliant strategist and great communicator with a genius for developing highly profitable businesses. She is one of the most amazing people at what she does and when I hired her, I ended up with incredible results - she really understands business, the wants/needs of the audience, and how to reach the audience. She also happens to be an artist - a painter - and gets the creative side of things - an unusual combination. I recommend Michelle to my clients - with great satisfaction.� 
                    - Lisa Tener, Author and Writing Coach

�Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.� � Helen Keller