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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Landing a Promotion

In a perfect world, we all work to our full capacity every single day: we're shining examples of perfect employees who come in early, stay late, always give 210%, and do everything we can to better the company.

Unfortunately, this isn't a perfect world, and most of us will confess that we don't ALWAYS put forth maximum effort; however, we still do a pretty good job, get the work done and occasionally even put forth a brilliant idea or two. That's fine and dandy except when the opportunity for a promotion pops up.

Say one of your department managers decides to take an early retirement. In a few weeks or even months, his position is going to be up for grabs, and good money says that your company would rather hire up from within than bring a brand new person into this position. You want this promotion, but you have to wonder: is just doing a "pretty good job" going to land it for you? Chances are...no.

But all is not lost. You still might have an opportunity to put yourself in the front running for the position...

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