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Friday, October 12, 2007

Barriers to Presenting Ideas

It's time for a little dose of Brutal Honesty here. I'm a big fan of Brutal Honesty: no matter how difficult it is to stomach, it can be just the kick in the rear you need to jumpstart positive changes in your life and in your career.

Today's Brutal Honesty topic:
The innovation - or lack thereof - that you're contributing to your organization.

Ask yourself these questions, and remember: be completely honest with your answers.

Are you showing your bosses the best of everything you have, all of your talents, all of your skills, all of your value...every day?

If not, why the heck not?! What barriers do you perceive to be holding you back?

Let's say that you have an amazing, brilliant idea that could increase your company's profits by an astounding percentage. You've been toying with the idea for weeks, running it through your head again and again, searching for its flaws and debating whether or not to present it at your next team meeting. The meeting day has arrived, and...

More "Barriers to Presenting Ideas"

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