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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Quick Tips for Finding a Job

I recently returned from Boston where I coach an executive in a large financial institution. She was hired because she is a star at what she does, but her new superiors felt her rough edges needed a little smoothing out. Enter Michelle Yozzo Drake: Communication Strategist (and apparently, career therapist!).

The first few sessions were mainly conversations to analyze her communication style, her role in the organization and the organization itself - unlike most coaches, I don't rely solely on standardized tests and I don't just jump to what I think the problem is either. As she started to warm up to me, she became more honest with her true feelings about her job:

She's totally fed up with it!

Once the floodgates opened, my client told me exactly what she couldn't stand about her job and after we evaluated it, we decided it would be best for her to take control of her career and JUST GET OUT!

But like most of us, she couldn't stand the stress of a long, drawn-out stretch between this job and her new one, so I offered her a few quick tips to find a job fast...

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