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Friday, August 10, 2007

Evaluating Your Job

If I had a nickel...no, a PENNY for every time someone complained about the misery of their job, I would have a fortune that rivals Carlos Slim's! When I coach clients on their careers, the dissatisfaction they feel in their current positions is often a major focus of our first sessions. Sometimes I feel more like a career "therapist" than a coach because they confide in me and tell me all their job-related secrets! They reveal how they feel about the work they do, the inside scoop on the organization's environment, how they rate their supervisors, and what drives them crazy about their co-workers.

And all of the complaints they list add up to one big mess of "I hate my job." But "I hate my job" isn't going to solve anything, and I press my clients to dig deeper and analyze their jobs to find out the true root of their dissatisfaction. Once we identify this, we can then figure out a strategic solution to turn "I hate my job" into "I love my job."

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