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Perspectives from Bryant University's Women's Summit

"10 Years of Success: Celebrating Women and Business" was the theme of this year's Women's Summit at Bryant University, and Michelle Yozzo Drake had the honor of interviewing Summit Director Kati Machtley, session speaker Nancy DeViney, and keynote speaker Tory Johnson.

Kati Machtley explained the origins and history of the Women's Summit and the significance of it in the lives of the women who attend each year.  Nancy DeViney - Vice President of Culture and Leadership Behaviors and Client Value Initiative at IBM Corporation - delved into how women can make global connections through mentoring and networking.  She also revealed the Top 5 Biggest Issues Women Face in the Workplace and the female role models in her own life.  Tory Johnson - CEO of Women for Hire and author of the book Take This  Book To Work: How to Ask For (and Get) Money, Fulfillment and Advancement  - uncovered the #1 obstacle that holds women back from "the ask" and how to overcome it, as well as her top tip for advancing your career.

More information on this year's Summit can be found at Bryant University Women's Summit.


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