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Drake and Urban Speak at Eagleton Insititute of Politics

Those who know Representative Diana Urban and The Cove Group, Inc. president Michelle Y. Drake might not have recognized them as they entered the Eagleton Institute's Woodlawn Building at Rutgers University on the evening of June 8th. 

            The Cove Group Inc, President Michelle Y. Drake...Before and After.

Dressed in some very colorful "don't" attire, Drake and Urban spoke about the impact of visual communication on how people are perceived. The duo stressed that people can hold themselves back by using weak body language, not making eye contact, and wearing attire that is inappropriate and outdated.  Drake and Urban said that it is the responsibility of powerful women - with forward thinking ideas and initiatives - to project these qualities out into the world via their image as well as their message. "First impressions take only seven seconds and are based 10% on what you say, 40% on how you say it, and 50% on your image!" Drake quoted. 

After discussing the many drawbacks of their attire and the assumptions that the audience made about them based on their outlandish outfits, Drake and Urban transformed themselves into the powerful communicators they are in a matter of minutes - simply by altering their clothing and accessories to project more professional, polished personas. 

As speakers for the first evening of a week-long women's leadership program - run by the Center for American Women in Politics - Urban and Drake helped the attendees learn how to project a powerful image through the use of strong body language, good eye contact, the "Art of the Handshake" and, of course, proper selection of professional attire. Many of the attendees were able to participate in a "What Not to Wear" evaluation that provided them with immediate feedback  and suggetions on how to fine-tune their image, enabling them to more effectively promote the issues that are important to them.

Drake and Urban's information was put to test - attendees also participated in networking events at the New Jersey capital and with local and regional political guests throughout the week.  



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