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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fees and Expenses Ask A Question

Subject: Fees for Programs (5/9/2006)
Question: What do you charge for a presentation?
Answer: The cost of a presentation depends on a number of variables, including: length of the presentation, audience size, location, travel, lead time, whether or not handouts are requested, etc. All fee negotiations will be made prior to time of contract. Generally, 50% of the fee for a program is required prior to the event to reserve my services. The balance of the fee is due on the day of the event. All payments shall be in the form of check or money order and made out to The Cove Group, Inc.
Subject: Travel Expenses (5/9/2006)
Question: Will I be charged for your travel expenses?
Answer: All travel expenses are incorporated into the price of the program and will be negotiated prior to the time of contract.

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