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Frequently Asked Questions

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Subject: Presentation Length/Type (5/9/2006)
Question: How long are your presentations?
Answer: As long or short as you want them to be! I offer several basic options, but I will tailor my presentation to fit into any time frame you require. Most of my presentations fall into the following categories: � Keynote Address - approximately 30 to 90 minutes � Convention Program - duration of the convention or specified time within � Half-Day Workshops - Up to 4 hours � Full-Day Workshops - Up to 8 hours � Panel Discussions � Training Modules � Small Group/One-to-One Consulting sessions
Subject: Handout Materials (5/9/2006)
Question: Are handout materials available?
Answer: Handout materials are available upon request. As we discuss the specifics of the program and topic you chose, we can decide on whether or not handouts will be a part of the package, and if so, what those handouts will be. All handouts are customized to suit the needs of you and your group. The cost of the handouts depends largely on the type you request: full-color or black and white, postcards, booklets, brochures, etc.
Subject: Presentation Topics (5/9/2006)
Question: What are your presentation topics?
Answer: For a full description of each of the presentations I offer, please visit my Presentations page by clicking on the menu bar at the top of the page. In a nutshell, I offer two basic types of topics: business solutions and life skills. I have been a business strategist, life skills coach and professional speaker for over twenty years, and my extensive experience has given me the insights, tools, exercises and real-life examples to provide you and your organization with a high-quality presentation guaranteed to inform and inspire.
Subject: Video/Audiotaping Presentations (5/9/2006)
Question: Can we audio or videotape your presentation?
Answer: I encourage the audio and/or videotaping of my presentations; however, I do have a few stipulations. I request that a copy of the tape(s) is sent to me within three weeks of the presentation, and all media associated with myself and/or my presentation must be for internal use only and not sold.
Subject: Technology for Presentations (5/9/2006)
Question: What kind of technology do you require for presentations?
Answer: I�m a low-maintenance type of presenter! Depending on the type of presentation, I generally need a projection screen, access to the house sound system, and a qualified individual assist with set-up (all sound systems are different; usually the venue will provide a sound tech). I have my own LCD projector, several laptop computers, a lapel mic and a hand-held mic. If there is anything else that I require, we will discuss it prior to the time of contract.
Subject: Connecting with the Audience (4/10/2006)
Question: We've had speakers in the past that really didn't connect well with our audience. How do you approach this type of situation?
Answer: Prior to each of my presentations, I make it my mission to find out the specific issues and needs of an organization to ensure that every program will strike a chord with the audience. Full customization is the key to 100% effective presentations and client satisfaction!

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