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Monday, June 30, 2008

Salary Ranges and YOU!

"What kind of salary should I ask for?"

This question came from my friend Anna and was accompanied by a worried frown. Anna lost her job recently (cutbacks, cutbacks, cutbacks) and had a promising opportunity in the works. I was prepping her for an interview this week, and we'd finally gotten around to the salary question.

"Well, what's the salary range for a position like yours?" was my counter-question.

"I don't know," came her response. She knew what she had been making, after several years of being with the company she worked for, but didn't have a clue what someone in her position should/could ask for coming into a new company. And being isolated from the job market, she didn't know the salary trends for her industry.

Since I know that Anna isn't the only one who's unsure of the answer to the big salary question, I thought I'd do a little research on the subject of salary ranges and post a quick tidbit of salary info here on my blog.

Here's a quick list of salary resources to get you started:

* My personal favorite is www.Salary.com
* Job posting sites can be a great resource: sites like craigslist often have salary info along with job descriptions, and sites like CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com have salary calculators and wizards.
* Tons of salary info here: Economic Research Institute - www.erieri.com
* The good 'ol government site: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - www.bls.gov
* Professional and trade organizations often have a slew of info and some even have message boards where you can post your questions and get answers from other professionals like yourself.
* Don't forget your research! Check out the company's website and tap into your personal network and ask around. First-hand knowledge direct from a reliable source can be valuable.

I hope this info helps all of you job seekers out there and even the non-job seekers, too. It's always a great time to make sure you're getting paid what you're worth!

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Blogger Piper of Love said...

I'm looking for a new job right now, after being downsized out of my last one two weeks ago.

I found this post very helpful! Thank you!

Also, thanks for linking Bliss in Bloom on your fantastic blog.


6/30/2008 3:20 PM  

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