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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Careers in the Forecasted Recession

In the face of our flailing economy, I've been on the lookout for articles that offer tips on how to weather this recessional storm so I can share the info with you, my readers. In my own life, I've been through some tough financial situations with my family in the past, and I know firsthand how difficult it is to stretch that dollar to keep food on the table, a roof over our heads, and clothes on our backs. It seems like just yesterday I was ripping up my husband's old shirts and sewing them into shorts for our little boys (now grown college men) to wear during the hot summer months. Thankfully, those days are behind us now, and we've found great success in running our company, the Cove Group.

So today as I was perusing the headlines, I saw a few great articles from Yahoo! that listed jobs and industries where people can earn good money and find some stability in this shaky economical time.

The first article is entitled "10 Hot Jobs That Start at $50K+" by Cherie Berkley at PayScale.com (read the full article here). If you're unhappy in your current job or are just looking to branch out into a new field, here are 10 jobs that you might want to look into, according to the article:

1. Investment Banking Analyst
2. Business Analyst, Computer Software
3. Forensic Computer Analyst
4. Junior Associate Attorney
5. Physical Therapist
6. Nurse Practitioner
7. Electrical Engineer
8. Software Engineer
9. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
10. Veterinarian

Interesting, huh? I thought so, and even though most of these jobs require a certain level of education, I fully believe in always being willing to learn - especially when that education can lead to a lucrative career like these. Thanks to Cherie Berkley, PayScale.com and Yahoo! for writing such a great article!

The other article I stumbled across was even more appropos: "Recession-Proof Jobs in 2008" by Larry Buhl for Yahoo! HotJobs. Mr. Buhl saved us the trouble of searching for strong industries during these tough economic times, and he's listed them here in his article. Here are the highlights:

* Education
* Energy
* Health Care
* International Business
* Environmental Sector
* Security

Thanks to Larry Buhl and Yahoo! HotJobs for the great info!

I hope these articles help if you're in a place in your life where a new career is on the horizon. Seize the opportunity to start a fresh career path and reach a brand new level of success in your professional life!

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