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Friday, May 23, 2008

Mom's Influence on the Presidential Candidates: John McCain

To finish up our series on the Presidential candidates and the influence their mothers have had on them, today let's talk about John McCain.

John McCain's mother, Roberta, very different from Obama's and Clinton's mothers. I would characterize her as a "straight-shooter." She seems to be a person who has a very positive spin on everything. She doesn't seem to tolerate any complaining; she's all about accountability and taking responsibility for your actions. A woman after my own heart! Too many of us are more than willing to point fingers, to blame others for our own misfortunes, but neither she nor I will stand for that.

I read an interesting tidbit on this subject. When John McCain wrote about his time as a P.O.W., he chose to use some rather colorful language when describing his captors. Roberta called him out on it and said that he shouldn't use language like that. She pointed out that he chose to be in the military and knew the kind of risks that were associated with it.

Roberta strikes me as being very proper, but rather than from a place of showiness, it seems to come from a place of accountability and doing what's right. She's also very outspoken, and as a Navy wife they moved a lot as well so she's very into exploring new cultures and adventures. Therein lies a bit of similiarity with Obama's mother, though Roberta's interest was from more of an academic place rather than a romantic one.

So there you have, a little perspective on each of the candidates gunning for the Presidency, in respect to the influence their mothers may have had on them. Now it's up to you to decide who gets your vote!

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