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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Today's Simple Truth from Mom!

"Leaders emerge from all levels of an organization and can influence everyone from the top to the bottom."

My sister-in-law Pat is a perfect example of this. She is one of twelve children, and growing up, she showed her influence and leadership by taking on additional responsibilities with the raising of her siblings and later with the raising of her own children. Her mother Marty - the "CEO" of the "organization" - relied heavily on Pat - a "front line worker" - and because of that, Pat was able to influence her parents and be a leader. She was never instructed to go tacke care of her brothers and disters, and her leadership was natural. Marty may have had the ultimate decision-making authority, but Pat was given a lot of free rein.

Pat took the lesson that she could be a leader no matter where she was in an organization from her mother's kitchen all the way to her own corner office. Now it's YOUR turn! Be a leader everyday whether you're the CEO or the assistant to the CEO, and create the same kind of positive influence in your workplace that Pat did in her mother's home.

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