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Friday, July 13, 2007

Is It Time to Turn My Dream Business into a Reality?

Who doesn't love a good fantasy now and then...especially when you're in the middle of the World's Most Boring Meeting.

What do YOU dream about? Winning the lottery? Taking a loooong vacation to some tropical locale? Becoming famous? George Clooney?

For many of us, our daydreams are often work-related - it makes sense since most of our day is consumed by work, and unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be working at their dream job.

So we imagine how fantastic it would be to tell our current boss to...ahem...find someone new to fill our position so we can go out into the world and create a business of our own. We dream of taking our passion and turning it into a profitable venture - that's the best of both worlds after all: getting to do what we love every day and GETTING PAID TO DO IT!

But when that boring meeting finally ends, for many people, that's when the daydream ends, too. They tell themselves that it's nothing but a silly dream and they should just keep plugging away at their current job. And then at the next boring meeting or sitting stuck in traffic or before they fall asleep at night, their daydream of starting their own business keeps floating back into their mind.

How do you know if you should quit your job and pursue that dream career or if you should just stay put?

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Anonymous Dora said...

People should read this.

10/28/2008 5:24 PM  
Blogger Michelle Yozzo Drake said...

Thanks, Dora!

10/29/2008 9:29 AM  

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