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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Banishing Bad Cover Letters

My company was recently looking for new administrative help, and as the cover letters and resumes came rolling in, I was shocked at how poorly written most of them were. With all the spelling and grammar checks, with all the "Resume Wizards", and with all of the zillions of bytes of information out there on the Internet, how could someone submit such jumbled messes and expect to be called for an interview?

One applicant addressed the letter to "Michaela Blake" and then led with the salutation "Dear Sires"!

Another applicant failed to mention what job he was applying for!

One cover letter went on and on and on...but never got to any sort of a point!

And my "favorite" letter not only had horrible typographical errors, but the person left in the name of someone else they were sending the letter to, talked about how much money they wanted to make, and in the same paragraph, gave me a list of their weaknesses ("But I'm sure you'll find that I'm going to be really good at this job") and practically begged me not to call their current employer!

Yikes! Do you think I called any of these people in for an interview? Or do you think I quickly filed their info away...in my trash can?

For those of you out there who don't think the cover letter means much, let me tell you: IT DOES. The cover letter is a very critical part of the whole job hunting process...

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