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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Howto: Drive Your Career to the Next Level

As a Success Strategist, I am constantly encountering people who are struggling to find success at work. That makes sense considering we spend most of our waking lives on the job! These people come to me unhappy with the course their career is taking and desperate to figure out how to redirect themselves on a path toward career satisfaction.

Most of them think that the answer to their woes is to chuck their current job and start fresh in a new industry or a new company. After speaking with them and crafting a clear picture of their skill sets and their current positions, I often come to a surprising conclusion: it's not the industry or the company that's the problem! It's their position in the organization!

Many of these people are really searching for the next level: more challenges, more responsibilities - and not to mention better pay, a more impressive title, and even that corner office.

So how do I help get them there?

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