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Thursday, February 15, 2007

10 Tips for Writing a Killer Resume

No matter how technologically advanced job hunting has become over the years, there has always been - and will continue to be - one constant: the resume.

Whether it's an electronic file tacked onto an e-mail or an elegantly printed document on ivory watermarked paper, a resume is the gateway between "I'm calling about the job ad you placed..." and "Yes, I'm available for an interview." It's your first opportunity to tell a potential employer that they've found the right person for the job in you. It can mean the difference between trips to the boardroom for meetings...and trips to the unemployment line for benefits.

But no pressure, right?

With good reason, a lot of people agonize over writing a resume. It's a bit of an art form, like writing ad copy that jumps off the page and makes the consumer think, "I've GOT to buy this product!" In fact, it's EXACTLY like that: you have to write a compelling enough resume so that your accomplishments and experience jump off the page and make your potential employer say, "I've GOT to get [insert Your Name here] in for an interview."

So how do you accomplish that? Well, you can start by following my "10 Tips for Writing a Killer Resume" to help you stand out from the pack (remember, there is almost always a pack of other applicants and a stack of their resumes).

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