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Monday, February 06, 2006

Who is Michelle Yozzo Drake?

The first thing that I ask a new client when I work with them is ...
"tell me who you are"...inevitably they tell me "what" they do.

"I am a teacher, nurse, engineer, business owner, athlete..."

But that does not answer the question

Who Are You?!

So, I am going to heed my own direction in opening this blog to you...

Who is Michelle Y. Drake?

For me to answer that question, I need to start at my beginning...

Michelle Terese Yozzo is who I was born. As we all know, developmentally we are formed as children. In getting to know Michelle Y. Drake, you need to know a bit about Michelle T. Yozzo.

So, who was Michelle Terese Yozzo?

I was the oldest of 5 children (4 girls and a boy)
I was an obedient and responsible daughter
I was an animated little chatterbox
I was a rule follower with a curious nature
I was open to my spirituality at a young age
I was a comfortable and loyal friend
I was a hopeful and forgiving child
I was an insecure but talkative teenager

This leads me to who is Michelle Yozzo Drake...

I am a product of the influence of my family and friends, my life experiences, my faith and my role in the world.

I am an energetic, uplifting and articulate speaker
I am a spiritual and creative creature
I am an intense, hardworking and analytical business woman
I am a survivor
I am a loving daughter
I am a traditional and fiercely loyal wife
I am a compassionate, engaged and proud mother of teenage boys
I am an understanding and appreciative employer
I am a sensitive friend
I am a thoughtful sibling
I am a brave soul who is willing to share who I am with the world!

How about you?

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